Papa's Pizzeria

Papa's Pizzeria was first game of the popular series and thanks to the emulators, it is still available for our users after the flash player was discontinued in 2020. In this game you have to run the pizza restaurant and manage the orders, cook pizza and earn some money. The game is very addictive and interesting because it teach you how to use your time efficiently and shows how difficult is to work with customers. The full version of the Papa's Pizzeria is available for free at our website so just have fun.

The whole process of making pizza is divided into several stages which you must understand. At the beginning, your mission is to take the order from the customer. The order sheet contains all the information needed - baking time, ingredients and serving portions. You will get the highest score only if you make the pizza according to the order. For example some people bake the pizza for too long and then customer becomes angry. Don't make this mistake, take a look at the order book before starting the whole process. One more thing that is important in this game is the speed - even though that your customers can wait for long time, in the end they can just become mad.

The whole game consists of levels ( days) and the higher your progress is - the higher number of customers will come to visit your pizza restaurant. It is really difficult to make several pizzas at the same time but that's why we all love this game. You can test your skills and enjoy the greatest pizza making game for free.