The first version of the Papa’s Games Series appeared more than 15 years ago and soon became very popular because of the addictive gameplay and bright graphics. In the late 2020, the flash played was discontinued and as a result most Papa's Games were shut down. Today there is still no tools to run most of those games using emulators but there are several versions of the game which moved to new platform and are available to play. Our website is the homepage of all those Papas Games which are still alive to bookmark our website to access them later.

Even though that there are not so many games left which are working, you still have chance to enjoy your favorite games. Our team is working hard to find any solution for running the old flash games but unfortunately there is no software now which runs the games without bugs. Some people use the emulators of flash player but the games are not working correctly so unfortunately most games are dead for now. We will keep you informed about the latest news of emulating the old games and do our best to create the biggest collection of Papa's Games for you.

Those games which does not require flash games are hosted by our website and available for free through any device. Some versions of the Papas Games are now available through Google Play on your smartphones but unfortunately they are not free : you have to pay some money to download them. Our team is working to provide the free access to those games too so stay tuned.

Papas Pizzeria

Papa's Pizzeria

Papas Burgeria
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Papa's Burgeria

Papas Freezeria
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Papa's Freezeria

Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack
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Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack

Papas Taco Mia

Papa's Taco Mia

Papas Donuteria
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Papa's Donuteria

More Information About Papa's Games

Papas Games

Interesting Facts

The first version of the game was published in 2007 year by Flipline Studios and was called Papa's Pizzeria. It is still available at our website.

The customers which you can find in those games are based on real people. Even the two developers of the game appear in the game.That's probably once of the factors of becoming so popular.

Some characters in this games have their own background story. Those stories were told using the cards on the official developer of the game.

Papas Games

List Of Games

Below you can find the complete list of Papa's Games ever made. Once they were very popular but in 2020 the Adobe Flash Player was discontinued and the games died.

× Papa's Sushiria
× Papa's Bakeria
× Papa's Cheeseria
✓ Papa's Donuteria
× Papa's Pastaria
× Papa's Cupcakeria
× Papa's Hot Doggeria
× Papa's Wingeria
✓ Papa's Freezeria
✓ Papa's Burgeria
✓ Papa's Pizzeria
× Papa's Scooperia

First of all, when we are speaking about the Papa's Game Series, let me mention that out website is not connected with the developers of the game in any way, we decided to build this website because we wanted to create a free platform where the good old games can be played again, where the real fans of the game can meet up and share their ideas and thoughts about the game. Our website is and will always be free for our users and we will try to collect all best games at one portal for you.

You may noticed that some of the games are available on Google Play and App Store, I mean those that can be played anymore in your browser. The problem is that the developers imported the old versions of the game but made them only available for those who pay money. Even though that the price is often very little, most of the users who used to play the games for free don't want to pay money to enjoy the same games. We are not going to get those games using different types of hacks but there is something we can do together. We are planning to create a petition for the developers to make those games available for free. We are working on this task and soon you will be able to join it.

More more thing that is very important for us is the fact that the games sometimes does not work correct - that's because of the fact that they are run using the emulators or embeded from other sources. We are constantly working on removing the bad mirrors and adding working ones. If you find a game which does not work please use the contact form to send the broken link, we will fix it in a few hours.